The Joy-Pi Family

Joy-Pi Advanced

The Joy-Pi Advanced is the latest member of the very successful "Joy-Pi family" from Joy-IT. It continues the idea of a Raspberry Pi based center for learning microcontroller programming and has grown significantly in scope and possibilities. Through this it serves not only pupils, students and apprentices but also technically experienced developers as an ideal, multifunctional basis.

Compatibility with a wide range of controllers, including Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi Pico, Arduino Nano, BBC micro:bit and NodeMCU ESP32, allows you to easily and quickly access your preferred platform. In addition, the Joy-Pi Advanced offers more than 30 stations, lessons, and modules (39 built-in sensors & modules), giving you an unlimited variety of options to realize your projects.

The Joy-Pi Advanced consists of the following sensors and modules:

7-segment display, 16x2 display, 1.8" TFT display, 0.06" OLED display, 8x8 RGB matrix.

DS18B20, shock sensor, hall sensor, barometer, sound sensor, gyroscope, PIR sensor, light barrier, NTC, light sensor, 6x touch sensor, color sensor, ultrasonic distance sensor, DHT11 temperature & humidity sensor.

Joystick, 5x switch, potentiometer, rotary encoder, 4x4 button matrix, relay, PWM fan.

Servo interface, stepper motor interface, vibration motor

Measurement & Conversion Modules:
Analog-Digital Converter, Level Converter, Voltmeter, Variable Power Supply

Other components
RTC real time clock, buzzer, EEPROM memory, infrared receiver, breadboard, RFID reader

Adapter for NodeMCU ESP32, Arduino Nano & Raspberry Pi Pico, board connectors for Raspberry Pi & External boards, infrared remote control, RFID chip, RFID card, 6x alligator clips, microSD card reader, servo motor, stepper motor, 32 GB microSD card, 40x resistors, 3x green LEDs, 3x yellow LEDs, 3x red LEDs, 1x transistor, 5x buttons, 1x potentiometer, 2x capacitors, screw assortment, screwdriver, accessory storage bag, power supply & power cable, servo mount

Compatible to:
Raspberry Pi 4, Arduino Nano, BBC micro:bit, Raspberry Pi Pico, NodeMCU ESP32

By combining our innovative adapter boards and the Micro:Bit slot, we achieve seamless compatibility with a wide range of microcontrollers such as Raspberry Pi Pico, NodeMCU ESP32, Micro:Bit and Arduino Nano. The specially developed adapter boards are designed to perfectly match the respective microcontroller.

By plugging the microcontroller onto the appropriate adapter board and then plugging it into the Micro:Bit slot, the Joy-Pi Advanced quickly and easily becomes compatible with the various microcontrollers.

This allows a seamless integration of your preferred platform and the possibility to combine the strengths of the different microcontrollers in your projects.

With the self-developed learning center, you can not only improve your skills, but also create new projects. The learning center offers a wealth of information and tutorials that guide you step by step through your projects. The software can be run both on a Raspberry Pi, where projects can then be executed directly, and on a Windows device.

But no matter which platform you choose, you are always free to select your preferred microcontroller in the software. Based on this setting, all explanations, sample codes and tips are always played out individually for your microcontroller. The software provides four different learning areas: In the knowledge base, all included modules are explained step by step, both technically and in their programming with code examples. In the projects, various program examples are directly available for immediate execution.

The learning tasks then get down to the nitty-gritty! Here, tasks are set for independent, didactic work. With tips and additional options for experts, there is something for everyone here. The final section is the visions. Here, further ideas are provided that are intended to stimulate the user's own tinkering and experimentation.

Joy-Pi Note

The Joy-Pi Note revolutionizes our all-in-one solution and is the new flagship in the Joy-Pi family. It offers the optimal entry into electrical engineering and programming and combines the basic idea of the Joy-Pi in a new, high-quality and attractive format:

  • 11.6" IPS Full-HD screen
  • 46 courses
  • 18 projects
  • 22+ sensors and modules
  • wireless keyboard
  • 2MP camera
  • stereo speaker
  • 5V & 12V support
  • integrated storage compartment for powerbanks and accessories
  • compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B (min. 4GB RAM)

The Joy-Pi Note also consists of the following sensors and modules:

7-segment display, 16x2 LCD module, 8x8 RGB matrix.

DHT temperature & humidity sensor, tilt sensor, motion sensor, sound sensor, touch sensor, RFID sensor, light sensor, ultrasonic sensor.

Joystick, 4x4 button matrix, Raspberry Pi & PCB connection switch, motion sensor sensitivity controller, sound sensor sensitivity controller, 16x2 LCD module brightness controller.

Relay, fan, GPIO expansion, GPIO LED indicator, breadboard, IO/ADC/I2C/UART expansion interface, infrared sensor interface, buzzer, display driver.

Servo control, stepper motor control, vibration motor.

RFID chip, RFID card, 12V power supply, servo motor, stepper motor, infrared receiver, infrared remote control, humidity sensor, DC motor with fan attachment, micro-HDMI connector, screwdriver, microSD card (32GB), SD card reader, electronic accessories.

In addition to the new format, the Joy-Pi Note also impresses with its innovative system.

The learning platform developed especially for it was integrated directly into the Raspberry Pi OS and thus enables the independent operation and learning of all units, regardless of one's own prior knowledge.

In addition to 18 directly executable projects, a total of 30 Python courses and 16 Scratch courses are also integrated here, which progressively build on each other and thus cover and teach both the respective programming language and the corresponding sensors step by step.


The JOY-Pi is a development environment with an integrated 7" display, with which you can easily learn how to use the Raspberry Pi. Deepen your knowledge in the basic handling of computers. Get into programming sensors and electronic projects with Python. The Joy-Pi is your ideal base station for makers and students!


  • 7" display with a resolution of 1024x600
  • Touchscreen
  • Wireless keyboard
  • integrated breadboard
  • 2MP camera
  • Completely equipped set, fully integrated into a case
  • 21 lessons, suitable for beginners and advanced learners
  • Included sensors, buttons, motors and other modules

The Joy-Pi consists of the following sensors and modules:

Light sensor, sound sensor, motion sensor, ultrasonic sensor, tilt sensor, infrared sensor, touch sensor, DHT11 temperature & humidity sensor, RFID module

7" touch screen LCD display, 8x8 LED matrix, 16x2 LED module, 4-digit segment display

Programmable 4x4 button matrix, 4 independent buttons, 16 switches

Servo control, servo motor, stepper motor

Other modules:
GPIO LED indicator, breadboard, vibration unit, buzzer, relay, 2MP camera

Mini keyboard & USB receiver, power supply, GPIO cable, infrared sensor, microSD card (32GB), servo motor, stepper motor & accessories, RFID chip, RFID card, USB cable, remote control, micro-HDMI adapter for Raspberry Pi 4B